Integral Life Coaching

Integral Coach, Educator, & Writer


I strongly believe we all deserve to learn skills that allow us to live a meaningful and authentic life. The more we know ourselves, the deeper connection we build with life. As an integral coach and educator, I empower my clients to reach their potential. It’s all about developing the ability to see and utilize the full range of resources you already have, to live more fully. 

Whether you are taking care of yourself, another person, or a group of people, you can find more inner power to empower others and create trusting, long lasting, and meaningful connections.

My approach to coaching and educating individuals is to give each person the insight to see where they stand in the spectrum of the human development process and how they could take further steps to allow their potential to flourish. To make a development plan, I consider Integral Life theory by Ken Wilber as well as Human Development Theory by Susan Cook-Greuter, and assessments on human’s variety of intelligences such as cognitive, emotional, relational, communication, somatic, integral, and spiritual. 

Together, we will work as a team to highlight your strengths and identify areas of development by tapping into your existing powers. We apply safe and proven practices backed by scientific research studies and traditional wisdom. Techniques such as customized self-reflection plans, mindfulness, somatic practices, focusing, narrating and re-telling a story from the resiliency point of view, and dialogues on opening one’s perspective towards a specific concept. 

This model of coaching facilitates the creation of healthy connections in the mind, body, and heart and helps us create more inner peace and more clarity in our life by aligning our thoughts, intuition, and emotions.