Integral Life Coaching

Integral Life Coaching


I strongly believe we all deserve to learn skills that allow us to live a full and authentic life. The more we know ourselves, the deeper connection we build with life. As an integral life coach, I empower my clients to reach their potential through a variety of self-observation and self-compassion practices. It’s all about developing the ability to see and utilize the full range of resources you already have, to live more fully. Together, we will work as a team to highlight your strengths and identify areas of development by tapping into your existing powers. We apply safe and proven practices backed by scientific research studies and traditional wisdom. Integral Coaching is based on Integral Life Theory that offers a model of coaching to create healthy connections on mind, body, and heart and helps us create more inner peace and more clarity in our life by aligning our thoughts, intuition, and emotions.
Life has allowed me to experience different roles as a storyteller, a woman, an immigrant, a mother, a daughter, an author, a spouse, an employee, a friend, a coach, and a human who has survived a difficult childhood.

My curiosity to grow and live a meaningful life has led me to learn about a variety of human development concepts, such as Integral Life theory and practices introduced by Ken Wilber, The Wisdom of Trauma introduced by Gabor Mate’, Self-compassion & Mindfulness practices developed by Kristin Neff, Jungian school of Thought, Spiral Dynamics Theory developed by Don Edward Beck, Ego Development Theory expanded by Susanne Cook-Greuter, and last but not least The Polyvagal Theory created by Stephen Porges and brought to therapy and coaching by Deb Dana.

I offer one-on-one sessions, Group workshops, as well as customized motivational speaking events for groups.
I am currently undergoing training through New Venture West Institute and will be certified in April of 2022.
It will be an honor for me if you trust me by sharing your story, and allowing me to be your mirror and confidant in your self-transformation journey.

Please feel free to check my blog and/or contact me for a free consultation session.