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Meet Shabnam

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Nelson Mandela

I was born and raised in Tehran, experiencing the Iranian Revolution of 1979 firsthand. In 2004 I immigrated to the United States, where I now work as a passionate life coach and a writer. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions as well as workshops for groups. On the journey of self-growth, my focus is on Integral coaching practices that help others to see their strength and capabilities in all different areas of their lives and actualize more of their potential for a deeper connection to life. As an author, I also teach memoir writing workshops and has been performing lectures to colleges and interviews with podcasts about my memoir, My Persian Paradox, and the concept of sharing stories. As a coach, I am a compassionate listener when people don’t feel safe to share their stories with the world; I will help my clients in searching to bring out their hidden gems through their stories.

I actively and curiously learn about the subjects of human growth and self-development. I search and learn from the latest scientific tools on human psychology and biology as well as the traditional wisdom and the stories from all around the world. I believe there is a piece of The Truth of this life in every story. Collectively, stories hold the ultimate Truth. We can create a safe world together!

I live in Virginia with my husband and two dogs.

My motto is, “Let’s share our stories. Love is the answer!”

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6 thoughts on “Meet Shabnam

  1. Hi Shabnam, yes indeed, I’m trying to figure out my direction. I feel a need to share some details of my life the same as you. I came to the conclusion I must leave word of my legacy for my family. Documenting what we have done may be inspiration to another. John.

  2. John, thank you for visiting! I can’t agree more. I believe in sharing our words with others. when it comes from our hearts, it goes directly to other’s hearts and we make a heart to heart connection. Life is about love! Hope to see you around!

  3. wishing you joy & success with all your endeavors ❤

  4. Hi Shabnam,its was indeed great having a wonderful discussion with you on Facebook today,i look forward communicating you soonnest.

    Mr Benjamin Oppong

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